Was Shahid’s character in Kaminey meant to be gay?

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Shahid Kapoor Gay

by Lola

To a lot of movie fans, Shahid Kapoors character Charlie in the hit movie Kaminey came through as someone who was gay…someone who wanted or had more than a business relationship with his buddy and handsome partner in crime Mikhail. The vibes were very strong. Were these simply two good actors or was there something more that the director wanted to portray?

I can just imagine the conversation Vishal Bhardwaj may have had with Shahid, explaining the character to him …

Vishal: Dude I think Charlie and Mikhail are a couple

Shahid: Like Abhishek and John?

Vishal: No like Abhishek and Aishwarya

Shahid: ????? ‘Scuse me?

Vishal: Nah Forget it!

The question is… did Vishal want to make Charlie and Mikhail a couple? Or did Shahid unconsciously project the unspoken attraction envisioned by Vishal Bhardwaj? Is this why so many people sensed the gay undertones in the the Spiderman scene when both of them roll over each other?

They had even plan to run off together when they make a pile of money. Very, very romantic wouldn’t you say?

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